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BEACON R - BEACON CaresystemBEACON Caresystem


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Physiological Based ICU Ventilation Workflow and Management System

BEACON Remote Provides remote access to all BEACON Caresystems installed at the ICU.

  • Allows Respirstory Therapists to prioritize their workload based on individual patient`s information.
  • Allows remote access to exploration and simulation functionality for each patient, enabling remote support of junior colleagues at the bedside.


BEACON Remote provides the unique opportunity to access your BEACON devices remotely, allowing remote monitoring of the whole ward and the individual patient.


Overview of ventilated patients at the ICU department.



Unique BEACON Remote monitoring:

  • Allows you to monitor all your patients remotely, at a single glance.
  • Provides coloring of the hexagons with indicates the severity of the patients`respiratory system.
  • Provides lines in hexagons indicating the greatest risks associated with ventilator management for the individual patient.





Access the individual patient and explore the patient`s physiology.



Understanding the individual patient and make correct decisions about ventilation management.

BEACON Remote allows you to:

  • Explore the physiological effects of changes in ventilator settings.
  • Understanding the patient`s progress using remote viewing of historical data.





BEACON Remote can be easily installed on all laptop or desktop computers. The unique and easy-to-read color-coded hexagons allows you to prioritize clinical resource according to patient condition, helping to optimize daily planning schedules.